Values-oriented disruptor, makes the hacked thing a beautiful thing. You get stuck in traditionalism. You like systems and processes, but are not a bureaucrat. Instead you are able to see the connection between sound theories and principles and disciplined behaviors that can put them into practice. You enjoy aligning strategies and systems, and going from reacting to chaos to proactively creating order out of it. You are deeply suspicious of ideologies and moralizing, and dislike self-righteous people who subvert and corrupt institutions because theyare convinced of their own moral superiority. You believe there is no such thing as natural justice, but human processes strive to be fair. You find that you need get-it-done hacker types where there are no rules or systems, but don’t really like relying on them and work hard to make improve systems so you don’t have to. The story of the legalist is that of the leaderless ronin who realizes that he himself is in fact the leader he’s been looking for.