Goal-oriented disruptor, fights to prove that the hacked thing is better than the original. You get stuck at analysis paralysis. You have a finely tuned bullshit detector and can figure out realities being obscured by high-minded rhetoric and noble speeches. You like actions to be meaningfully connected to goals that make a measurable difference, but are insecure about your ability to actually achieve such goals. Despite such insecurity, however, you will quit and walk away from situations you see as pointless. You often find yourself in analysis-paralysis mode and tend to overcomplicate plans. You need people who can take your analytical insights and architect good working systems and processes grounded in firm principles, but often find yourself annoyed by their lack of interest in the big picture. You are bored by the messy details of working against the system, but do your best to protect and support those who are good at it. The story of the contrarian is that of disillusionment and loss of belief in utopias.